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Things aren’t looking good for the Rebel strike team on Banister Station. Luke and Leia have been captured and taken prisoner by the Imperials. Deena Shan, tasked with taking down the station by herself, runs into Captain Rishyk. Deena escapes, and ends up throwing a single detonator into one of Banister’s large fuel tanks, starting a chain reaction that blows the tank and catches the station on fire.

The Rebels escape captivity and start a frantic battle with the stormtroopers and officers holding them. Back aboard Rebel One, Dagger Squadron plans a rescue mission to retrieve the Rebel strike team from Bannister Staion. 

This issue was rather uneventful. Deena battles Imperials and drops a detonator, then the rest of the Rebels escape and start fighting. This is going to leave a whole lot to wrap up in one issue. Colin Wilson’s art, in my opinion, usually translates better into cover art. He has a very dark, inked style, which is either really, really cool are really, really bad when he draws interior art.

Why I say “usually” about Wilson’s covers is because the cover for this issue is horrendous. I’ve liked the other covers for Small Victories, but really, what happened? Deena Shan is looking like a man. I could understand why someone would want to emphasize the characters by having no background; but the characters are so badly drawn on this cover, I wouldn’t really want to emphasize them.

As a singular issue, Rebellion #13 was not a very good issue. Hopefuly Small Victories can redeem itself in issue #14.


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