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I was over at the the force.net and they had a story from Games Radar that said that Lucasarts officialy has Battlefront 3 in the works, and they have switched production teams from Pandemic to a new company, Free Radical.

Here’s a link: http://www.gamesradar.com/us/wii/game/news/article.jsp?articleId=20070302111527387011&sectionId=1006&releaseId=200703021051555281

Okay, it seems to me as if Lucas Arts doesn’t know when enough is enough. Battlefront 1 was a phenominon, and Battlefront 2 was cool, but not as cool. It gave us more maps and the ability to play as Jedi. To me this sounds like when Disney releases Cinderella 5 and Brother Bear 8 (you now what I mean). Though this sounds cool, and I will with no doubt play it for hours and hours, I feel as if Lucas Arts needs to move on. Plus, it will be a Xbox360 exclusive.

Another story is that announcement of another, yes ANOTHER next-gen game. Okay, this kind of weirds me out. They say they are making the Force Unleashed, and then they post-pone that. Now they say they are making another next-gen game before they have even started the first! It is speculated this next game will also be made with Free Radical.

Okay, here’s more of my opinion: Lucasarts is biting off more than they can chew. From what I have heard, they haven’t even started The Force Unleashed and they are already promising a new title? So here’s my speculation: what if this is Knights of the Old Republic 3? They have said they’d be making it, and a next-generation KOTOR game would be awsome.

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They have finally started to do somthing with the Unleashed section over at Lucasarts.com. They are starting up their production diaries and have posted tons of pictures in their image section. The Weblog will be comig soon, but go and check that out! As always, I provide a link:

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