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Knights of the Old Republic #24 took the Days/Knights story arc out with a bang. For anyone who hasn’t already picked up the issue, I ask you now to read it first before reading my spoiler-ridden review. I’d much rather you find out what happens in the actual issue.

This issue picks up right where the last ends. When Zayne, Shel and Raana Tey infiltrate the Mandalorian’s headquarters (the former Jedi Embassy on Taris), they discover that Cassus Fett evacuated the building after hearing of the Taris Resistance’s plans to attack there. Afterwards, when Shel hesitates to kill Zayne with her brother’s lightsaber, Raana Tey decides to kill Zayne herself. A wonderfully-pencilled duel ensues, with Raana Tey and Zayne battling it out in the Council Room. Shel ends up killing Tey to save Zayne, finally coming to the realization that Zayne didn’t kill her brother.

This issue also brings light to a few theories that have been floating around. It is now apparent that the Masters themselves are the five sith they’ve seen in their visions. I think this is a great and rather ironic twist in the plot.

Overall, this was a great issue, and a great ending to the twelve issues leading up to it. Definatly pick it up. Also, this last series is definatly a must-read before the KOToR issues of Vector begin.


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As of today, according to Dark Horse’s website, Legacy #18, Claws of the Dragon part 5 0f 6 and the reprint of Legacy 1/2 are now on sale. As we draw close to the conclussion of Claws of the Dragon, these last two issues will be essesntial to anyone who’s been following the series. May the stands be stocked!

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It’s a busy month for Star Wars comics. Not only do we have the reprint of Legacy 0 1/2, which sold out four times when it was origanally released back in 2006, but we have the first issue in the highly-anticipated Star Wars Comic event of 2008: Vector! Take in mind these release dates are straight from the horse’s mouth (no pun intened), Dark Horse’s website, which is sometimes a little iffy on correct dates.

On January 2, we have two issues of Legacy, Legacy #0 1/2 and Claws of the Dragon part 5. On January 23, we have Rebellion #11, Small Victories part 1. Dark Horse’s website also shows two issues of Dark Times coming out on the twenty-third, the #8 and #9, which I’m pretty sure is a mistake. On January 30, we have the Knights of the Old Republic #25, Vector part 1, and Legacy: Claws of the Dragon part Six of Six.

We also have a bunch of trade paperbacks comic our this month. On January 9, the 30th Anniversary Collection continues with Volume 11–Union. On the 19, the final Clone Wars Adventures book, #10, is released, ending the long line of digest-sized graphic novels pencilled in the style of the cartoon series. On the 23, the compilation of Dark Times: A Path to Knowhere comes out. Also on that day, Knights of the Old Republic: Days of Fear, Knights of Anger comes out, chronicling the first half of the Days/Knights series.

Seven comics books and three trade paperbacks in one month? Either Dark Horse is starting off 2008 with a bang, or we’re going to get some of it pushed back into Febuary. I doubt my wallet will complain if that happens.

As for what I suggest out of this, I say definatly pick up Knight of the Old Republic. Even if you haven’t been picking it up regulary, it’s essential that you get all the issues in Vector. I haven’t been reading Legacy lately, so I’d suggest picking up the trade paperback later this year. The two issues I read in the beggining were pretty good.

Dark Times’s Parralels is sort of medeocre. I’ve picked up the first two issues and I’m not impressed. As for Rebellion, definatly pick up Small Victories. While I know most weren’t fans of the Akhista Gambit, I personally love this series. It’s been on hiatus for a few months, and I’m glad to see it’s return.

I’m not big into trade paperbacks, but I will be picking up Knights of the Old Republic. As for the others, I’m not too interested. Anyway, how come we still have the 30th Anniversary collection going into ’08?

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First off, I must say that the Play Station Portable system is really incredible. I recently received the Renegade Squadron PSP bundle for Christmas, which came with the white PSP, complete with a Darth Vader helmet silk-screened on the back. The graphics are amazing, and the PSP also comes with a wide array of other features, including WiFi Internet connection and UMD movie drive. The screen is bigger than both of my Nintendo DS’s screens combined.

The story starts with Renegade Squadron’s leader, Coll Serra, telling the story of Renegade Squadron to Tionne, a New Republic-era Jedi historian, who is compiling a database on the Rebellion’s history. You play out the battles as Coll Serra tells the story of Renegade Squadron. Essentially, Renegade Squadron was a fighting unit composed of outlaws, smugglers and bounty hunters, operating under the command of Han Solo. You get to play battles like Yavin 4, Hoth and Endor, as well as a good number of missions created for this game.

I was surprised to find that almost every single map in this game was new, exclusively created for Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. We got to see a lot of Expanded Universe references and locations in this game, including maps like Boz Pity, Saulucimi and Sullust.

One of the coolest features in this game is the character customization. In previous Battlefront games, you had the different unit kits, all of which had a different array of weapons. With Renegade Squadron, not only do you get to customize the look of your character, but you also get an “equipment budget” with which you can buy weapons with. There are a number of weapons that were created for this game, like the Tri-Shot rifle and the Carbinite Freeze-Gun. Also, with your budget, you can buy things like a Jet Pack, Stealth Suite and Personal Shield.

My only complaint about this game is the awkward arrangement of the controls. You use the small movement pad on the left of the PSP to move, and the rest of the buttons are used to do things such as jump, fire, change weapon or target. It is impossible to aim without using the target button, but I guess that’s one of the trade offs for building a game for a portable system.

Overall, I think this game was entertaining, fun and addictive, and a step in the right direction for future Battlefront games. I’d definitely suggest it and the Play Station Portable to anyone.

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Sorry I missed the date, but I’ve been quite busy these past couple of days. Knights of the Old Republic #24, the Knights of Suffering part three of three, is on sale now! This is the conclussion of the twelve-part Daze/Knights story arc. I can’t reccomend this series highly enough! Check out the preview here at Dark Horse’s official website. http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/preview.php?theid=14-777

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As the gigantic Daze/Knights story arc comes to an end for Knights of the Old Republic, Issue #23 sets readers up for en explosive ending, in a battle between the Mandalorians and the Taris Resistance.

After surviving a near-death encounter at the hands of his former childhood sweetheart Shel, who believes he killed her brother, Zayne and the Hidden Bekks form a treaty with the Taris Resistance in a mission to kill Cassus Fett. When Zayne is assigned to help Raana Tey and Shel scout out the enemy base, the Shel and Tey plan to kill Zayne using Shel’s dead brother’s lightsaber.

While much of the comic was just the buildup to #24, it was a very entertaining issue. As always, Dustin Weaver’s art is spectacular. I can’t suggest this series highly enough at the moment, especially to anyone who’s played the KOToR video games. I really hope the conclusion of this series doesn’t let us down; I would hate it if they ruined the stellar job they’ve done with the series this year.

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Dark Times #7, Parralels part 2 of 5, is on sale today, according to Diamond Comics and Dark Horse’s official website. I highly reccomend this arc after the great job they did with #6. It looks like we’ll finally get to find out why Crys hates the Jedi so much; if I can judge anything from the preview Dark Horse has in it’s Star Wars section. Here’s a link to that. Happy hunting! http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/preview.php?theid=14-781

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