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I don’t know what happened, readers… but The Jedi Blogger stock just took a tremendous dive. Down from a worth of nearly twenty dollars a thot, TJB stock is down to a measly .06 per thot. I lost nearly ten million dollars in this drop.

The value of Star Wars seems to have plummeted in the past week. Rebelscum, Theforce.net and many other sites have also gone way down in value. As for me? I’m not totally crushed. My net worth is still around 4 million. I hope things turn better for the Jedi Blogger stock wise.


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I find out about this after someone made a stock option for Star Wars Action News, a popular podcast who’s forums I post regulary at. I checked out the website, named Thotmarket, and I instantly got hooked!

It’s all fake money, of course. When you sign up, you get $100 to start of your fake stock trading career. You can buy stock in websites, ideas and movies. The rest works like the stock market. The value goes up, you can sell. If it doesn’t, you try to bail out before you loose too much money.

I bought stock in a bunch of Star Wars related websites. I have 120 shares in The Jedi Blogger (it’s at a low price right now, jump in before the price skyrockets!). Also, I have 100 shares of each Rebelscum and Wookieepedia, as well as 30 shares each for Theforce.net and SWAN.

Check out the page! Sign up is easy, and this is a really fun thing to get into!


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