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If you’ve been following Dark Horse’s Legacy comic series, you know that in three short days we will discover the identity of Darth Krayt. In this post I will go over all the theories and facts surrounding this huge event in the Star Wars galaxy.

What we know: Darth Krayt was said to be born in the galaxy during the Yuuzhan Vong War, making him pretty old. He wears Yuuzhan Vong crab armour, which is slowly eating away at his body.

The biggest question now is: who is he? It has been said that he is a character we already know ( so it’s not some made-up guy we’ve never heard of before). His name, Krayt, leads many to beleive he has somthing to do with Tatooine. Two big canidates are a Kenobi relative (judging from the cover of Claws of the Dragon #3 and A’Shrad Hett, a Tusken Raider jedi master from the clone wars.

More people beleive that he could either be Ben or Jacen. Well, we now know it’s not Jacen, because his Sith name (Darth Cadeous) was revealed in Sacrifice. I really don’t think it could be Ben, because we need someone to farther the Skywalker line down to Kol and Cade.

Though unlikly (because many times Krayt has been said to be male), I beleive many people have forgotten about the possibility of Krayt being a female. If that were so, Tahiri Vale (a human raised by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine) could be a canidate. Also, though it hasn’t been brought up much, there is a possibility that Krayt could be related to Jainia Solo.

Possibley the most unlikely of theories is Luke Skywalker. We all know it’s not him, since he shows up in as a Force ghost multible times to Cade. But, havig that Tatooine connection, there is a slight possiblitly.

I’ll make sure to have the answer in the next Book News post, where I’l have my review of Legacy #15 and Legacy of the Force: Betrayal. Stay Tuned!


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