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I recently went on a toy run to two diffrent Targets. I was excited to see, as I eyed it from a distance, fully-stocked pegs, but as I approached I noticed it was the same ol-same ol we’ve been seeing lately. Lots of Biggs, pilot Hans and Galactic Marines. Suprisingly, the Airborne Trooper has seemidly joined the ranks of the pegwarmers. I counted about four of them.

I was also suprised to see a McChewie. I already have one, so I left if for someone else. I did manage to pick up a Stormtrooper, which at the time I thought was rare.

So I go to the next Target, and they have pretty much the same assortment of wave 2 and 3 figures. They did, however, have nearly five “rare” stormtroopers. I’m not sure if it was a huge stike of luck to find that many, or if they are just sitting around, but I kicked myself for not buying the McChewie.

It seems that this will be a good year for you army builders! There seem to be many Saga Legends Ep 1 and 2 clones on the pegs, as well as Galactic Marines, Airborne Troopers and Stormtroopers. Maybe the clone craze has come to an end. Good hunting!


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It’s been fun covering this story, but alas it has come to an end. Mysterious the EE Mystery Pack is no more. For the last and final installment in the JB coverage of the EE Mystery Pack, I give you this link to Rebelscum, where you can find detailed pictures on the a the figures as well as pics of the Battlefront troop packs. It shows the figures without their helmets on. One looks suspiciously like Tori from Mythbusters….


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