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Bannister Station is exploding. The rebels commandeer a Lamba-class shuttle and save Deena Shan from the burning wreckage of a fuel tank that fell down to the planet bellow the refueling station. Imperial reinforcements arrive to try and re-capture the Rebels. Dagger Squadron, flying experimental B-wings, arrive just in time to take on a legion of Tie-fighters, allowing the commandeered Lamba-class shuttle to make a getaway.

Back on the Rebel One, our heroes recover from the suicide mission that should have meant certain death. We finally see Han Solo, who complains about not being asked to join the rescue team. Dagger Squadron prepares for a mission to Ansion, and we see the beginning of something that may lead to Deena Shan becoming a romantic interest for Luke Skywalker.

Overall, this was a pretty good issue. A mix of fist-fights and starfighter dogfights make this issue’s action more interesting a diverse than the last issue’s frantic brawls. We finally get to see Dagger Squadron in action. Colin Wilson does an excellent job illustrating the B-wing vs. Tie-fighter battle, which is the highlight of this issue. The cover for this issue is¬†pretty good, leagues better than the last one. ¬†

As I said in the short synopsis, we finally get to see Han Solo, who was been doing who-knows-what during My Brother, My Enemy, the Akhista Gambit and now Small Victories. The mission to Ansion is either a set up for the next Vector story line or a way to get rid of Dagger Squadron for the next story, I’m not sure which.

This was a decent issue with good art, and it ended the way Small Victories had to end. I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying it redeemed the entire, four-part series for me. Overall the arc has disappointed me greatly, and I’m glad Rebellion will be moving on to Vector.


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