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I decided, finally, to try and color some of my art with Photoshop. This is the first page I have ever done in photoshop, and it is a very rough version of the final product, but I wanted to share this here.

First, I drew it using my Kooh-I-Noor drafting pencil, a circle guide and a ruler. I inked it with my Faber ink marker, and scanned it in the computor. I did the basic greyscale coloring of the space station, then brushed some gold color around if to give it some depth.

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I recently started a 4-word story over at The Force-Cast’s Rebelscum forum thread. The basis is, you add four words onto the last person’s four words, creating a story. As it has on many other forums, the thread exploded! As of now, there are more than 136 posts in it. I started this with the idea that it would get read on the air.

Now comes Wednesday, a few days ago, during the live Talkshoe recording of The Force-Cast. Near the end of the show, Eric, a regular Force-Cast caller, asked the question: Would they be reading it on the air? First off, I’m such a geek, because I really was excited when my name was mentioned on the Force-Cast. They said that if someone recorded themselves reading it and sent it in, it might even get it’s own Microcast!

So, if anyone with a mic and some audio editing software is reading this, check out the link bellow! Also, for anyone just wanting to have some fun reading, go participate in Force-Cast 4-Word Story.

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As we near the release of Dark Horse’s highly anticipated Vector story arc, we are receiving more and more information on the comic. Recently, in a press release on Darkhorse.com., Randy Stradly talked about this issue in depth. The entire story can be found here: http://www.darkhorse.com/zones/starwars/editor.php

In the press release, I can tell Stradly is ready to spill the beans. He points to a definition of the word Vector in the dictionary, “A force or influence,” and notes that this definition would be the most applicable to Star Wars. Definatly check out this press release.

Also, details concerning the first issue in Vector were released. The first issue in the Vector arc, Knights of the Old Republic #25, will be released on January 30 0f 2008. The art is being done by Scott Hepburn, who I am unfamiliar with, and colored by Jedi Blogger favorite Michael Atiyah. Travis Cherest, who I’m sure you all know from the Legacy: Claws of the Dragon covers, will be doing the cover art for this first issue.

I’ll be covering this story intensly in my Book News posts, so as always, stay tuned for more.

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I’m having some Blogger problems concerning invalid image urls, so the header and some of the images will be temporarily gone. I should have everything back to normal in about a week.

I’m going to have a Book News and Game Review coming very, very soon…

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Not much news today, but Star Wars: Dark Times #6–Parallels pt. 1 is on sale right now! This is, as you know, the first issue in the five-part Parrallels story arc. To quote the sysnopsis from Dark Horse.com:

In the last days of the Clone Wars, Jedi Master K’Kruhk finds his fate
altered by Order 66 in ways he could not have imagined. Now it is not just his
own life that depends on his skills, but the lives of many.Elsewhere in the
galaxy, Bomo Greenbark and the crew of the smuggler vessel Uhumele are being
pursued by the Empire, even as they head for a potentially dangerous
rendezvous.Two separate tracks, each leading to one impossible choice that will
change the futures of everyone involved!

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Well, I’m not sure if it’s been deemed “official” yet, but apparently part of the synopsis (the summary of the story on the back of the book) of Revelation has been leaked onto the Internet. It’s already on all the major fan sites, so I decided to post it. Take it with a grain of salt.

In his new mantle as Sith Lord, Jacen Solo’s dark powers reach a peak as he
continues to crush opposition across the warring galaxy and bring his dream
of a new order closer to fruition. But those who once fought at his side now
turn against him, and as his unexpected enemies rally to the confederacy,
Ben Skywalker discovers the full and terrible truth of how his mother died.

Remember: this was leaked on a forum. Not always the most solid source of information. Also, with this being the second to last book in the series, why is Ben  just now coming to terms with the death of his mother? It seems as if the synopsis of Revelation would be a little more… revealing then this. Also, this is only part of a synopsis, judging by it’s size.

Also this week, the cover art of Drew Karpyshyn’s sequel to Darth Bane: Path of Destruction was released this week. It looks like Rule of Two will be the official title of this one, removing suspicion that it was a temporary title.

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It’s that time again! Every few months I’ll change stuff up in the way I post. This new organization will feature some old posts as well as some new articles I’ll be starting up soon. I have written the promo in a rather amusing format:

Book News: Now with subtitles! I relay the latest news and reviews regarding Star Wars books and comic books in this about weekly post.

Breaking News: When things pop up, say, like the first image of Boba Fett from the 2009 Live action series or George Lucas dieing, the Breaking News posts jump to action.

NEW! Weekly Podcast Review: I review all the latest Star Wars podcasts in this weekly post. I haven’t exactly figured out which day I’ll have it on, but I’ll be reviewing one podcast a week. If you have a podcast you’d like me to review, drop me a line at my email address or leave a comment on any of my posts here.

Thot Market Update: A weekly look at the Star Wars scene at the fake stockmarket rocking the web, Thotmarket.com.

Store Reports: With subtitles! I chronicle my Star Wars finds at finds at different stores.

Remember, these all won’t be weekly posts, and I will throw in an occasional movie or book review. I will be starting very soon with some of these posts, so stay tuned!

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