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I’ve got a small report tonight on some newly released info from Dark Horse Comics concerning some upcoming comic book issues. Unfortunatly, I have still yet to find Legacy #16, so my review of that will have to wait for a week or two when they (hopefully) make a second printing of it. I’ll be checking around at a few out-of-the-way book stores and such to see if there are still a few copies left.

So, the reason I decided to write tonight is because Dark Horse has a whole new set of art up in there Star Wars zone. While this is old news to people who visited Theforce.net last week, it was just recently when Dark Horse actually put the official versions of the art up on there site and put release dates on it.
I don’t know anything at all about these issues other than the covers; which actually give away quite a bit of information concerning the content of the issue. In all, there were five new covers released: that of Legacy #19, Claws of the Dragon (part five of five), Rebellion #11, Small Victories (part one of four), Legacy 0 and a 1/2 (whatever that means), KOTOR #24, Knights of Suffering (part three of three), and finally, Dark Horse #10, Parallels (part five of five).

I have a few of these pictures posted here. To see them all, head over to http://www.darkhorse.com/zones/starwars/index.php and click on Comics. They’ve got a really cool site over there, with message boards, comic previews and lots of other cool stuff. They also have some new preview up, which is always nice to see.
So, what do you guys think about adding subtitles to the Star Wars Book News titles? I’ll be back very soon with more posts, so stay tuned!


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Thot Market Update

When I made my Thotmarket stock for the Jedi Blogger, I had no idea it would take off like it has. Thank you everyone who bought my stock! TJB stock is up to nearly $11.00 a share, up from the $0.10 cents that I bought my thousands of shares at. I am now a Thotmarket millionaire!

If you haven’t already dug in on the Thotmarket gold mine that is The Jedi Blogger, the link can be found in the sidebar.

As for other updates, my 250 shares of Rebelscum.com are now worth almost $300 each! Star Wars seems to be selling very well on Thotmarket.

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I recently went on a toy run to two diffrent Targets. I was excited to see, as I eyed it from a distance, fully-stocked pegs, but as I approached I noticed it was the same ol-same ol we’ve been seeing lately. Lots of Biggs, pilot Hans and Galactic Marines. Suprisingly, the Airborne Trooper has seemidly joined the ranks of the pegwarmers. I counted about four of them.

I was also suprised to see a McChewie. I already have one, so I left if for someone else. I did manage to pick up a Stormtrooper, which at the time I thought was rare.

So I go to the next Target, and they have pretty much the same assortment of wave 2 and 3 figures. They did, however, have nearly five “rare” stormtroopers. I’m not sure if it was a huge stike of luck to find that many, or if they are just sitting around, but I kicked myself for not buying the McChewie.

It seems that this will be a good year for you army builders! There seem to be many Saga Legends Ep 1 and 2 clones on the pegs, as well as Galactic Marines, Airborne Troopers and Stormtroopers. Maybe the clone craze has come to an end. Good hunting!

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I’ve got a few things to point out in this small site update. Bare with me as a re-tool the site, adding some new graphics and swapping out adds and such. I updated the Review Directory for all you new people. Also, check out the Red Flag Comics site for my newest posts. The link can be found in the Menu, located in the sidebar.

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