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As we slowly aproach the release of the Clone Wars cartoon next Fall, Star Wars.com is keeping us posted in their new Clone Wars section.

Check it out through the link here: http://www.starwars.com/theclonewars/

I did finally get to watch the trailer the other day, and the animation is amazing. The one thing I had a problem with is some of that faces. All the ships and clone looked aswsome!


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It’s been fun covering this story, but alas it has come to an end. Mysterious the EE Mystery Pack is no more. For the last and final installment in the JB coverage of the EE Mystery Pack, I give you this link to Rebelscum, where you can find detailed pictures on the a the figures as well as pics of the Battlefront troop packs. It shows the figures without their helmets on. One looks suspiciously like Tori from Mythbusters….


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I’m here with a small entry concerning my recent addiction to editing Wookieepedia. You might ask how editing Wikis could actually be addictive and fun. Well, it’s somthing that I am actaullay pretty good at. I like to write articles, I have good grammer (most of the time), I understand HTML formatting and I know practically everything about the Star Wars expanded universe.

Once you get past the learning HTML formatting part it becomes fun. You get to create a user page, with user boxes and info about yourself (what fun), and you get to edit absulutly anything there is. Imagine getting to change the headlines on Star Wars.com or re-write the Databank entry on Luke Skywalker.

Anyway, I got started a few months ago with all this, and one of my first big projects was to create a page for The Force Among Us, a Star Wars documantery. You see, I joined the TFAU forums and got to know the director and editor, Christian Macht. He gave me the OK to make the page and use their logo, so I created a real nice page for them. He thanked me, and to quote from the forums, “You have done your homework my friend – keep it up – you have our blessing! .” Wow, I set out to make a Wookieepedia page and I got Cristian Macht’s blessing. (I do have to admit, though, that was a pretty good article on that I wrote.

So here are some links to my work, tell me what you think!

Links to some of my other works can be found on my user page.

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As always, my review are full of spoilers, so consider yourself warned! This will be a short and to-the-point review, as I’m workind on some bigger things to be released later this week.

First of, I must say I was a little dissapointed with Tempest. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the stellar job that Keren Travis did with Bloodlines, but Troy Denning just didn’t hit the mark with this one. The entire plot seemed to be about Correlia trying to bring the Hapes cluster to their side to aid in their fight against the Galactic Alliance.

One thing I did enjoy was the way that Denning discribes his action scenes. The climatic end to the book was the much anticipated fight between Luke and Lumiya, which is definatly my favorite part in the entire book. Yes, Luke gets his hand cut of again. I wasn’t too happy about that.

Unlike some of Troy Denning’s other books, Tempest was rather clean of language and other things (you know what I man if you’ve read the Dark Nest trilogy). Overall, I think this was an OK book, and if you are going to be reading the Legacy of the Force series, this book is a must have.

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Wow, we’re finally back into the swing of things. We’ve got a jam-packed book news for this week, with some juicy spoilers for the Legacy of the Force series and my reviews of all the comic book releases this month. As for the SWAN Book Club Update, discussion is now open for The Last Command, the last book in the Thrawn Trilogy. I do beleive signups are still open for a few more days, so go check out the forums. This is my third book in the club, and I just became a SWAN Sub-Luitenant!

A small note here: Remember those spoilers from Sacrifice I posted a couple weeks back? They were confirmed. Highlight this if you haven’t read it: Jacen kills Mara! I know a lot more, but I don’t want to spoil for you guys too much. No, I haven’t been able to pick it up yet, but of course I’ll have a full review of it when I do!

It’s been a while since I last updated, so I’ll go over all my finds of the past few weeks. I finished Tempest a few weeks back, and I’ll have a review of that up soon. I haven’t yet been able to pick up the rest of the Legacy of the Force books, but it’s been a busy month for comics. In June, I was able to pick up all of Dark Horse’s Star Wars releases: Legacy #13, Rebellion #7 and Dark Times #3. After a few stellar issues, Legacy #13 was a little dissapointing. The story shifted from Cade’s rescue mission to a short stand-alone story about an assasination attempt on the former Emperor Fel. I really enjoyed Rebellion #7. The last few Rebellion issues were a little lame (if I may say so), but the story is really picking up speed. Last but not least, fans were reminded that Dark Times still existed after their nearly four month hiatus. I know that stinks for the big fans of the comic, but I recently found out that is was because Doug Wheatley recently had a son and took a short leave of absense. As for the issue, it was ok. These are definatly the “dark times,” as the issue ended with Bomo discovering his wife was dead and his daughter was sold into slavery. Find the conclusion in issue #4, coming next January!

There aren’t any big releases this month, after we recover from the releases thrown at us in May and June. The only big peice of news for this week is some spoilers from Inferno, the next book in the Legacy of the Force series. If you don’t know, Inferno will be written by Aaron Allstron and is scheduled for release this fall. Ok, maybe it’s not a gigantic spoiler, but here’s the picture that was released on Starwars.com.

That’s it for this week’s Book News. Be sure to check in every day for this week’s Revenge of the Blogger post-a-thon!

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