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The New Starwars.com

I’m back from the dead again with some time to blog. Alot has happened in the last week, so I’ll start with a small post all about the brand new Starwars.com, launched during Star Wars Celebration 4. They released it with the new trailer for the Clone Wars series, which I have not gotten to work on their site yet. I have the browser pulled up right now… and the link to it is gone.

The first time I got on, it was the coolest thing. It took about ten seconds to load, and for anyone with dialup this thing will be really hard to load. It has all the same basic functions of the old site, in fact, the rest of the site is still using the old template, it is just the front page that got fancied up. They had alot of C4 coverage, as well as stories about all the tv shows doing Star Wars spoofs like Robot Chicken and Family Guy.

One thing that stood out to me was the Clip Masher. It is a You-Tube type thing where you get to user clips to make up little spoofs. So I get on, thinking I can make one, and whadayaknow! It’s just for Hyperspace members. Big suprise.

Ok, I just found the Clone Wars preview. Go under Beyond the Movies on the top bar and click on The Clone Wars. You’ll find it there. I should be back soon with a review of that.


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