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You might know MR as the people who make the FX-Lightsabers and the studio scale ships. Well, it is sad news, but on December 31, 2007, Master Replicas will loose their liscense for good. They still have all their stuff planned for this year, but after that there will be no more. They have some pretty cool stuff planned for this year, some of the coolest a Mara Jade FX-Saber and the Wedge Antilles mini-helmet. It is kind of sad that this is happening, because most companies are just now getting into creating Expanded Universe merchandise. As always, I’ll keep everyone informed if anything else happens.


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Star Wars Finds

It’s not anything speicial, but I found all the Order 66 packs at Target last night. First, I went to the Star Wars section, which was totally wiped out. They had some Saga Collection 2006 figures that weren’t actually that bad, including the Endor Rebel Trooper and some clones. They were totally lacking in TAC, which I only found the Obi-Wan and Artoo of. It’s the same old lame story that I hear from all collecters.

I gave up, and walked to the register. To my suprise, there was a endcap up by the register of Order 66 packs, atleast ten of each one. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I decided to pick up two of them: the Airborne trooper one and the Galactic Marine. They are pretty cool, even for repacks, and their packaging looks suprisingly awsome on display.

I’ll be back very soon with my review of the New Republic era. The weekly collecting update has been moved , because there is literally NOTHING new this week. Hopefully next week we will have an extra big one.

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