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I found these pics on the Rebelscum forums, and man do they look awsome! The picture shows three upcoming comic packs that will be released sometime near Wave 6 (atleast that’s what I’ve heard.) It seems that with every other wave or so we’ll be getting a comic pack.
At the top left, we have Vader and Lea in Jedi garb. I have no idea what comic that is from, and presonally I don’t really like it. At the top right, we have one with the Dark Woman and Jerad Hette, a Tusken Jedi Master. I beleive it comes with The Hunt for Aura Sing issue from the retired Republic line.
The one I am the most excted about, though, is the one on the bottom. There we have an issue of the Heir to the Empire comic adaption with Luke Sywalker and Mara Jade. The Mara actually looks pretty good, as well as the Luke.
I’ll be back soon with my review of the New Republic era and more collecting news, so stay tuned!

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Yes, yes, yes! For all you Star Wars Expanded Universe fans out there, I know you are also very excited about these two upcoming comic packs.

At Starwars.com, they have an entire article on these. I was skeptical of the comic packs that are the Marvel style, but the figures that come with the Dark Horse Packs look much more like actual figures. They actually have three confirmed right now, the two shown here and another Marvel one over at Starwars.com.

As you know if you have been collecting these, they are $9.99 and include two figures and a comic book. This is a great price, considering that figures are now $6.99 and comic books are $3.00. So if you are buying the comic packs, you are saving a considerable amount of money.
A question I ask myself is, are the figures of lesser quility? I do not yet own these, so I won’t know untill I do. I think that it probley costs less because they are fitting it all into one package, and they probley aren’t loosing any money lowering the price of figures.
And there’s my post for today. I’ll try to cut back on the Star Wars and blog about some other things, but that is sort of hard with all these new things coming out!

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Hello, welcome back to the Jedi Blogger. Today, while surfing Star Wars sites, I found a picture of the new Darth Reven figure coming out in this TAC collection. It looks totally AWSOME! I beleive it will be coming out in a comic pack along with another charecter of that era (Bastilla Shane? Ulic Qel-Droma?)

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