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“You see, I’m ill. I think I’m dieing. It I am, then there are
three things I
need to do. One of them is to find out what happened to
Ailyn. Another is find
out who is going to Mandalor when I’m gone. The
third, of course, is the cheat
death. I’ve had alout of practice with that.”

– Boba Fett

Hello again! The Jedi Blogger here with my review of Bloodlines, the second book in the Legacy of the Force series. Sorry for the extra-long review, there was just so much to say about this book I could not possibley make it any smaller.Warning to all people who do not enjoy spoilers and haven’t read the book yet: I am not going to hold back with the spoilers. My book reviews are not for people who hate spoilers.

The first book in this series, Betrayal, introduced some new charecters to the universe and expanded some other not so well heard of ones. Apparently, Tenel Ka and Jacen Solo have a child who is now five years old. As you might know, Tenel Ka is now the Queen of the Hapes Cluster. The enemy, as you might call it, of the series is Correlia. In Betrayal, Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker help a team of sabatuers destroy a Correlian superweapon named Centerpoint. After destroying Centerpoint, the Correlians start to wage war against the Galactic Alliance. Worlds are starting to join Correlia’s side. Civil War looms on the horizon.

I really enjoyed Bloodlines because there was alout of Boba Fett in it. Unfortunatly, the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter is about to turn 70 and is dieing of a disease. Before he dies, Boba’s mission is to to find his daughter, pick the next Manda’lor to rule the Mandalorians, and, a quote from the book, “Cheat Death. I’ve gotten pretty good at that.”

The Correlian Goverment, with president Thracken Sal-Solo, is wanting to use Centerpoint’s destruction as a reason to start war. On Corascant, Correlians are starting to turn into terrorists, setting of bombs and poisioning water supplies.

As you know unless you are living under a rock, Jacen Solo is turning into a Sith. Actually, the book were he turns into a sith is already out, but in this book he isn’t completely a Sith yet. In this book, Jacen is tasked by the Chief of State, Cal Omas, create a “secret police” to stop the terrorist threats on Corascant. Jacen forms a legion of black-armoured troopers and starts raiding Correlian towns on Corascant. The situation is turning into almost a complete copy of the story line of Episode 2 and 3, which is even said in the book about thirty times. Citizens are parading through the streets shouting ” The Empire’s Back! The Empire’s Back!”

On Correlia, Han is planning to assasinate Thraken Sal-Solo, who has hired assasins to kill the Solo Family. Through a change of events, Boba Fett and a group of Mandalorians help Han kill Thracken. Meanwhile, Jacen kills Fett’s daughter, Ailyn, during an interagation. Fett vows to kill Jacen for killing his daughter before he got to see her.

The book ends with Jacen realizing he must take on more step to become a Sith: become selfless and destroy what you love most. He is ordered by his Sith mentor to kill Tenal Ka and his daughter. Only then will we become a true Sith.

Over all, this book was pretty good. Keren Travis does a great job portraying newer charecters such as Jacen and Jainia. It is hard to beleive that the Solo twins are 30 years old. I was sort of skeptical of this series when it first came out, but I was suprised at how good it was. I also think that if you are new to this series you aren’t really missing anythiong if you skip Betrayal, because this book really recaps all the events that accur in the first. I’ll make sure to post a review when I read the next book in this sereis, Tempest. Jedi Blogger out.


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I was over at the the force.net and they had a story from Games Radar that said that Lucasarts officialy has Battlefront 3 in the works, and they have switched production teams from Pandemic to a new company, Free Radical.

Here’s a link: http://www.gamesradar.com/us/wii/game/news/article.jsp?articleId=20070302111527387011&sectionId=1006&releaseId=200703021051555281

Okay, it seems to me as if Lucas Arts doesn’t know when enough is enough. Battlefront 1 was a phenominon, and Battlefront 2 was cool, but not as cool. It gave us more maps and the ability to play as Jedi. To me this sounds like when Disney releases Cinderella 5 and Brother Bear 8 (you now what I mean). Though this sounds cool, and I will with no doubt play it for hours and hours, I feel as if Lucas Arts needs to move on. Plus, it will be a Xbox360 exclusive.

Another story is that announcement of another, yes ANOTHER next-gen game. Okay, this kind of weirds me out. They say they are making the Force Unleashed, and then they post-pone that. Now they say they are making another next-gen game before they have even started the first! It is speculated this next game will also be made with Free Radical.

Okay, here’s more of my opinion: Lucasarts is biting off more than they can chew. From what I have heard, they haven’t even started The Force Unleashed and they are already promising a new title? So here’s my speculation: what if this is Knights of the Old Republic 3? They have said they’d be making it, and a next-generation KOTOR game would be awsome.

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When the battle lines are drawn, and the enemy engaged, pledging your loyalty may mean laying down your life.…

 Our intrepid band of heroes take on the Galactic Empire once again in Allegiance by Timothy Zahn, the events of which take place a few months after A New Hope. Zahn brings his trademark writing style and intrepid ability to portray film characters to the table when he writes what is, in my opinion, one of the best Star Wars Expanded Universe novels ever released.

Zahn creates many separate plots and ties them into an ending of epic proportions. Five stormtroopers, furious after being ordered by they’re commanding officer to gun down civilians, desert the Empire with a ship full of gadgets and start causing trouble for the local pirates-a group dubbed the “Bloodscars”- in a rather large way. Leia is off enlisting planets for the Rebellion and Han, Luke and Chewie are investigating a Pirate group that has been attacking Rebel hyperspace routes.

Some of the best parts of this book, though, are those with Mara Jade. This is the first time we get to see Mara during her time as one of the Emperor’s Hands. For Luke Skywalker’s future wife, an investigation into a governor’s embezzlement of Imperial money turns into a war between corrupt Imperials, space pirates and the Rebel Alliance.

Overall, this was a great, great read. It’s fun, fast-paced and action packed. This book would be great for seasoned fans of the EU as well as people wanting to get into the expanded universe.

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They have finally started to do somthing with the Unleashed section over at Lucasarts.com. They are starting up their production diaries and have posted tons of pictures in their image section. The Weblog will be comig soon, but go and check that out! As always, I provide a link:

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Hello again! I know alout of people that did not go to Toy Fair did not see this picture. So I decided to put it here. I found it at Rebelscum.com.

It features an older picture of Darth Vader for the Force Unleashed. The picture of Yoda for the cartoon looks totally awesome!!! The Boba Fett gets me the most excited.
I find it awsome that they FINALLY have solid proof out about these series. I must admit, before this I was a non-believer in the shows.

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